Monday, October 1, 2012

I have written a couple of posts

But I had a terrible time getting my pictures to download.  My grandson Darian came over last night and I told him I was having troubles.  Being the tech wizard he is, he made a couple of adjustments on my settings and VIOLA pictures post!!  What would we ever do without our younger generation:)
So, now back to blogging.
Stan and I drove to Alaska again this summer.  This time we took a side trip to Dawson City in the Yukon Territory.  We then ferried across the Yukon River and drove the Top of the World Highway to Fairbanks.  How to describe the drive? Besides looooooong? Just one word........Breathtaking.
We drove the Cassiar Highway and connected with the AlCan just south of Whitehorse. From Whitehorse we headed North to Dawson City. We have driven the Cassiar two times now.  Last summer and this.  It does not have as much traffic as the AlCan.  I guess it has not been "discovered" yet. The wild life along this highway is more abundant than along the AlCan also. Both times we have traveled it we have seen up to 14 bear as well as moose and other small animals.  All of the years we drove the AlCan, we never saw a bear.

Old Church

One of the restored buildings

Front Street

One of the Steam Ships that used to travel the Yukon River

The ferry we took to cross the Yukon River

Dawson City from across the Yukon River and atop the hill.
Dawson City is a real life Western Gold town.  Actually, today, it makes most of its revenue from Summer visitors. It is full of historic buildings and there are still many gold mines tucked away in the hills.  I head the pleasure of visiting with two young girls, teens, as I was walking around taking pictures at 11PM. They were so cute and friendly.  They told me much about living year round in such a remote town.  Both of them loved it.  When the visit the city, (Whitehorse) they can hardly wait to get back home. After spending the night in Dawson City, we took the free ferry across the Yukon River and headed to the Alaska, Canada border and the Top of the World Highway.  I was a bit disappointed because I had hoped to see more wildlife along this stretch of the journey, but it was not to be.  The vistas were beautiful though.  Different than earlier because most of the time we were traveling across tundra and the trees were few and far between. We made a quick stop in the town of Chicken Alaska, another gold mining town.  After a hard day of driving, we made it to Fairbanks.  Even though we lived in Alaska for 11 years, this was our first visit. We did not have a lot of time to explore there and we were exhausted so I cannot say anything good or bad about the City. Dinner and bed was the extent of our stay there. From Fairbanks, we headed down to Denali National Park. It was another very hard drive.  We had hoped to take one of the buses into the park, but the trips are longer than we could afford by the time we arrived so we drove the 15 miles you are allowed to drive into the park. We were able to see the Mountain in a couple of places, but the best views were outside of the park and on the other side.
More Later:)


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Interesting read. Cool shots.

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