Friday, October 5, 2012

From Dawson Creek, we pushed very hard

to reach Fairbanks.

Crossing the Top of the World Highway

As the sign says, this is the most northerly land border crossing in the U.S. Had a nice chat with the agent there.  I do not think he gets many visitors.  

The road just went on and on and on and..................

We were getting near Chicken at this point.  Hard to imagine that this building is still in use, but it had every sign of being so.

We saw several working Gold mines along the way.

Menu outside of the one restaurant in Chicken. The place looked fairly busy.  I was thinking I make a pretty good Chicken Pot Pie. Wondered if I could get the same prices for a slice down here.

The one building in Chicken. Emporium, liquor store and on the other end, the restaurant.

Getting to Fairbanks was pretty anticlimactic. In all of the years we lived in Anchorage we never made it up there.  We started one time, but the kids got cranky and we went home before we made it that far. I don't think we missed anything.  We drove around a while, found a place for a mediocre dinner, paid more for a motel than we did any other place on the trip and left as early in the morning as we could.  Did not look back either.  I doubt it will be on our itinerary in the future.


Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing! We had the opportunity to visit Alaska this summer and it's beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your photos of Denali and Fairbanks; we were there in August! :) Blessings to you and your family.

Lindsay said...

I'm just loving these trip recaps! It's a dream of mine for sure!


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