Saturday, February 25, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a young woman

Who wished to do a guest post on my blog.  I had never entertained the thought before, but after some correspondence back and forth I decided to give it a try.  My apologies go to her today though, because I said I would post it last weekend.  But the weekend came and went as well as the entire week and I did not get it done.  Maybe she should have done a post on procrastination instead.
Kristen wrote a post about gardening and its benefits.  Before I could post it I had to find some pictures of our gardening adventures of last summer.
Olivia helping to plant one of the hedge plants in the front yard

Darius trying real hard to help.

Brystan digging a hole for one of the new trees.
Abigail has taken over a small patch of my back yard garden.

She was clearing out the weeds here.

So we could plant flowers.

She worked very hard all afternoon.

She asked me if she can plant in it again this year.

Of course I said yes.  Now the rain and snow just have to go away.  We need the return of these beautiful warm skies.
  Gardening: A Fun Way to Get Outdoors

Gardening is a great way to get some time outdoors, get some exercise, and have beautiful results that
you can be proud of. There are many different benefits one can experience from spending time creating
an outdoor oasis. One of the greatest benefits from gardening is the exercise it provides. In just 45
minutes spent actively in the garden, you can burn the same amount of calories as spending 30 minutes
in the gym doing aerobics. This means that it is a fun activity that allows you to multitask.

Gardening is also beneficial to mental health. Spending time outside in the garden is a great way to relax
and relieve the stress experienced from a busy week. After spending the time improving your outdoor
living space, you also gain a feeling of satisfaction and can even improve self-confidence because of the
achievement. Aside from the mental and physical benefits that can be experience by this activity, there
are also practical benefits. A great outdoor space actually adds square footage to your home as you are
able to use it for entertaining friends and spending quality time with family.

Choosing a garden that grows fruit and vegetables is a great way to add healthy foods into your diet
while saving money on the grocery bill at the same time. Picking some fruits and vegetables high in
nutrient and antioxidant levels could also help to improve your overall health. This is also beneficial for
families who want to incorporate more organic foods into their diets as you always know exactly where
your food comes from. There are several tips to make gardening a fun and enjoyable experience for all.
One thing to consider is creating a plan on what the outdoor space should look like when it is
completed. Do you want certain types in specific areas or planted where ever or a more natural look?
Use paper or online software to organize the space beforehand. This allows you to have a plan for action
and maximizes the outdoor space that is available and possibly as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
Gardening can also help those stricken with an illness or disease by keeping them active. Simply by
spending time in nature can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. The American Cancer Society
suggest gardening as a way to help Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma.

Gardening can be an experience that the whole family can be a part of. Families with children can
purchase child-size tools that allow the little ones to participate in the same activities as mom and dad.
Getting the children involved is a great way to help improve their self-confidence as they will feel a
sense of accomplishment as well.
An organizational plan and making gardening a family activity are two great ways to make this an even
more beneficial experience. So, there are no excuses, just get outside and have some fun this weekend.

Kristin Wells is a recent college graduate from The University of Georgia and an aspiring writer. She
wants to make a difference in people's lives through her writing. Kristin also likes competitive cycling,
running, and traveling as much as possible.


Katidids said...

Some really great points in this article!

Frizzy said...

What a treat! Loved the article and seeing your family pics again. I am looking forward to our garden again this summer.

Anonymous said...

Talking to the converted here, but sadly my health no longer permits heavy gardening, buti still potter about and watching my plants grow is a blessing!


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