Saturday, June 11, 2011

A very busy month.

Can you tell me why the backs of little people are so darn cute?
On our way to the neighborhood park on a sunny afternoon

Olivia has mastered the fine art of hanging upside down.

Darius is working on his Slam Dunk

One Sunday we got together for barbecue.

Elizabeth spent a weekend with Gramma and Papa

Jonah did too.  This is a letter from George Washington telling him he will be President in 28  years.  Papa, who is a realist had to tell him that George Washington has been dead for centuries and could not have written the letter. He carried the letter around all weekend and kept asking why would George choose him to be president.  Gramma, who is more capable of dwelling in a fantasy world than Papa is, framed it for him.
We spent the afternoon in a different neighborhood park

Where Elizabeth perfected the fine art of jumping from the swing.

And Jonah demonstrated his prowess on the monkey bars.

At the Relay for Life, I bought a Luminary  in honor of my sister Jacque.

Olivia and Cooper had the opportunity to play in the sprinkler

On Friday, we went to Edmonds to wait for Aunt Kris to come across on the ferry so  Ben and Coop could spend the weekend with her.

There is something magical about Aunt Kris

Everyone is always delighted to see her.

Even when you are one of the "big kids".  I love this picture because when you look at Ben's face, you can tell he is smiling just as much as the others.

Darius was a bit put out with me that he did not get to go on the ferry with Aunt Kris and tried to hide from me in some of the grass.  Almost managed except his little pink face shows through.

Last but not least, Shay graduated!!  Here with her mom and dad.  I don't know who is more relieved , them or  Shay.


Frizzy said...

Busy is right! WOW!

Love all your action shots and special life moments captured.

Wouldn't it be something if one day he becomes president and it's all began with that little sign? Stranger things have happened!

Homestay Mama said...

Jonah, 28 years from now you can be president of the United States if you want to! I think you'll make a much better president than our 44th!

Grandma J said...

What a beautiful and active family you have. I love the photos.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

gayle said...

You have some wonderful pictures of special times!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Busy!!! My goodness! Your summer is flying by already too, I can see!



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