Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spring and Summer, my favorite seasons of the year.

My double peony

First rose to bloom in the back yard.

The front yard rose.  Look at the dew collected between the petals right in front.

My south side gate with the Hydrangea growing up its trellis.

Bees hard at work in the Creeping Thyme on my rock wall.

My Wygelia at one A.M.

Mama's Poppy

Purple Clematis on the south side of the house.

An Iris ready to open.  It opened the day after I took this picture.
I love seeing my garden come alive in bloom.  The children playing in the sun.  The sound of lawn mowers up and down the street.  The gloomy silence of Winter is broken with the joyful sounds, scents and sights of Spring and Summer.


Lindsay said...

Beautiful! Let the good weather begin!

Tulsi said...

These are beautiful. I haven't see irises in years.

Homestay Mama said...

Great photos! I think I need a camera like yours! :-)


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