Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Just want to thank all of my friends for the prayers for my sister Jacque.  
The news is not good.  Her cancer has reached stage 4 and is definitely not operable.
She developed a lot of pain in her chest over the weekend and when her daughter took her to the Dr. on Monday, they discovered she had developed pneumonia.  It is because of all of the probing they did on her lungs and stirring up crud in them.  I have finally gotten over the Bronchitis I have been fighting with for the past month and have just sent her an e-mail telling her I will be able to come stay with her on Tuesdays.
Still reeling from Mother's death, I am so not ready to deal with this right now.  But then, who is and just when is a good time?  Thanks to all of you, once again for the prayers.  Especially those for her salvation.


Anonymous said...

Oh Evy,
I am so sorry to hear about this. You have been thru so much in the past months, I can only imangine your pain. Please know that we will keep you and your family in our prayers. Cancer really SUCKS. I guess that is why I am doing what I am doing because it has affected me in so many ways. I just hate it when my friends and family have to deal with this sort of thing.
Lots of LOVE and prayers to you my dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Evy-my heart aches for you and your whole family. Too much, dear friend. Know we are praying! Love you!

Anonymous said...

It sounds much like the disease that took my dear Mum-in-law, Im afraid it is a far too common a thing, but the Lord never gives us more than we can stand. Trust in Him and I will pray for your familys intentions with my own.We have had poor health and family troubles but nothing as bad as your current ones, look at your Wisteria and remember that someone else looks at one and thinks of you.

Grandma Elsie said...

Sorry to hear your Mother went home but she's at the family reunion in the sky having a ball.Thats what I say about my Mom since they were Christians. We know where they are.
Hang in there our time is soon. we are saying " going to see the King, soon & very soon . god loves you & cares.


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