Monday, May 9, 2011

Last weekend, Miss Libby came to Gramma's and Papa's house

To help weed our garden beds.  She was going to camp with her fifth grade class and needed some spending money.
She dug out buttercups

Wallowed in the mud.

And just looked cute.

Happily, the sky was blue on that day.
She said that with what Papa paid her and what she already had, she had enough to buy a camp sweatshirt.
Hope you had lots of fun my darling.  Gramma loves you and you are an amazing hard worker.


Debby said...

She is just plain cute. Having "helpers" sure makes yard and garden work more fun.

Debby said...

You asked about test knitting for Elena. She has a group on ravelry: Anadiomena's knits. She will start a thread w/Call for testers. If you go into the thread the first post will be what she is looking for. You just post in the thread what size you would like to do. You have to be quick! But she is a wonderful designer and very very easy to work with.

gayle said...

She's so cute! I know you loved her just being with you!

Z said...

I'm not sure I knew you were a Left Coaster, Gramma... cool!

I love the Tanzania story and wondered if you'd seen this?:

kind of reminded me of your story...I hope you enjoy's all true and it's such a testament to God! (and my hubby, who I miss SO MUCH) xxx

Frizzy said...

Evy, What a sweetie pie! I wonder what Yaya's first project outside the house will be to earn money. Love the pride that comes from working hard for something you really want.


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