Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Birthday!!!

Andrew Kelton is 12 today. I cannot believe this boy has grown so quickly.

How does a gramma tell all that is so great about him? My blog is not long enough. Andrew has the very best sense of humor. A bit dry, but gramma likes dry. He is SMART SMART SMART. He is kind, thoughtful and gentle. Whenever I see him, (which is not enough) he has something creative or crafty to show me or something very interesting to tell me.

He also knows that gramma LOVES HIM THE MOST.

So Andrew, #4212 Happy Birthday.


Therese said...

Another handsome grandson! Has the same birthday as my Dad! Happy Birthday!

Ren said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope it is a good one!

Dawn said...

What a lucky boy to have you for his grandma! Happy birthday to Andrew!


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