Thursday, September 22, 2011

When Kris goes in for Chemo,

She always has a new piece of artwork drawn around her port.
This week was week number 6 of who knows how many.  Her newest Chemo Buddy.  You can be sure the Chemo Nurses look forward to her visits and her newest Buddy.  The center portion is always left open since that is where the port is and she cannot have any ink that may contaminate it.
Edited to add this picture, because Frizzy asked if Kris does the work herself.  She has friends who come over and draw on her:)  This week Vanessa was the artist.
I love you Kris and I love your spirit.


Frizzy said...

What a fun idea! Does she draw them herself?

Z said...

Your daughter's courage knocks me out. what a FABULOUSLY beautiful smile she's got.
I'll be praying for her....I have no other words.

After I lost my Mr. Z I had such platitudes said to me that were meant so well and were so hard to hear, so let me just say that Kris is one of my heroes, you're obviously an amazing mother, and I'll be praying for you all.
'nuff said.

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

You know, I think it would be harder in some ways to have a daughter with cancer than have it yourself.

Love the designs. Hope she can keep up body art and other happy things to lift her spirits a bit.


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