Sunday, December 12, 2010

Middle of December, Guess it is time to post my November birthdays:)

Andrew Kelton's  #4209 14th birthday was on November 27.  Here he is detailing his grandpa's car this summer. He had the opportunity to go to Alaska with his Uncle.  In our family if you want to do something like that, you must earn the money yourself, or at least make a honest effort to do so.  Andrew is not in the least bit afraid to get dirty or to work.  He did earn the money he needed to make the trip with his Uncle too.  Yep, this Gramma is very proud of this hard working boy.

Cooper Daniel's, #5216, 7th birthday was on November 26th.  Cooper is the boy that is afraid of nothing at all.  This summer he went on a river raft trip with the family and had a great time jumping from a huge rock into the river. His great sense of adventure is always a delight to see.  Nothing stops this boy.

Johah Sebastian #6518 had his 6th birthday on November 23.  As is usual with the younger member of a large family, Jonah is proving to be the family clown.  We love his antics.   As Grandpa says, Jonah is a party waiting to happen.


Three of the greatest boys in my life.  Each one so special to me in his own way.  Andrew and Cooper are not in the neighborhood, so I do not get to spend as much time with them as the others.  When I do, I truly relish every minute.  Actually, I relish every moment I spend with each of the 19 Grands in my life and I am so proud of each of them for their unique attributes.  I praise God daily that he has trusted our family with each of these precious souls.  Next birthday post will begin with our January birthdays.


Frizzy and Bird said...

I really look forward to meeting some of the special people in your life come Monday. Not long now!!!

Roslyn said...

Doncha just wanna SQUEEZE those precious ones!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Tight Ros, tight.
Frizzy, just a couple of days. Are you driving or flying? I have dinner planned for us.


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